How to Sing with a Cold

When you have a cold you can still gently warm up your voice

My 7 top tips to sing (gently!) while congested

If you’re dealing with a sniffle, sinus pain, a scratchy throat, or the dreaded ‘C’…congestion, and you MUST sing – maybe it’s your job and you can’t call in sick – I have some GREAT news for you! 


You can still SING! 


If you’re a fan of Friends, you might remember the one where Phoebe has a cold and it gives her voice a deep sexy tone. Which goes to show that you can gently use your voice -and you might even unlock sounds you didn’t know you could make. 

Here’s how to sing with congestion: 
1. Gently warm up
Sorry for being graphic, but this will help to move the gunk down
 🤮.  I like to use the Straw as it gently warms the voice without straining it. If you need an introduction or quick refresher on the Straw, check out my insta vid HERE
2. Drink a lot of water or tea
Gargling the water will especially help loosen things up. I’m also a big fan of Throat Coat tea, so check that one out

3. Use a throat spray with echinacea
This is a game-changer for sore throats and gives me relief even on long teaching days

4. Get in touch with your resonators
Focus the sound right on your lips. If you’re allowing the sound to vibrate mostly in your nasal cavity, it’s going to sound stuffed up. Instead, bring the sound right behind your teeth


5. Steam or Neti Pot
You can go old school with a towel over a bowl of boiling water or use a Neti Pot. Google for a Neti Pot solution and DO NOT use table salt

6. Try a Vocal Nebulizer
These handy-dandy gadgets bring moisture to your vocal folds AND they’re portable. I love THIS ONE(not sponsored, I just think it’s great)
7. Change the key of the song!
If your song is feeling too high and you’re straining, or too low and you just can’t hit those lower parts of your register, change the key to something more comfy. Don’t worry – you can change it back once your cold has passed. 
Above all, know when it’s time to rest. The key here is ‘gentle’ so stay present with your body and follow any cues you receive to just lay off. 
I hope this helps you navigate the rest of cold season while keeping your voice in tip-top shape!


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