Falling Flat? A Quick Fix

A vocal coach can help you learn to sing and embrace your voice

Sometimes our notes go a bit 'off' and that's OK! Here's a quick fix to help you nail the center of your pitches

It’s something all singers have to confront at some point…the dreaded Falling FLAT. I know the feeling well! When I was learning to sing I hit my fair share of flat notes – you know the ones – they just sound and feel OFF…


But I have some tried-and-true tips and tricks (say that 5x fast!) that will help you get right into the center of ALL your notes!


How to HIT that CENTER


#1 Support Your Breath


We often go flat because we’re not controlling our breath on the EXHALE (singing). When there’s a lot of breath expelled at an uncontrolled pace, it can make the note really heavy and fall off pitch.


Try this: Visualize being on a tight rope and making the breath as steady as possible. 


You can also try exhaling on a shush sound to steady the breath, and then open up your mouth and hold out the actual pitch you want to hit. 


#2: Open Your Mouth


Give your notes more room. It’s easier to hear yourself when the sound is outside of your head! When singers start out, they’re not super comfy opening up their mouths – mainly because they become louder = more vulnerable (you know the drill). 


I promise with practice this will get easier and the more you open your mouth, the more you’ll hit that bullseye and lock onto your pitches. 


#3: Lift Your Soft Palate


Try this: Imagine smiling inside your mouth. Show your front teeth, and (mirror check!) notice a bit of scrunch in your face. This position will help “lift up the note”!


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A vocal coach can help you learn to sing and embrace your voice

Falling Flat? A Quick Fix

Sometimes our pitches go a bit ‘off’ and that’s OK. Here’s a quick fix to help you nail the center of your pitches.

A vocal coach guides students to learn to sing and embrace the sound of their voices
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