Scared to Sing? Read This...

We can do small things to make singing less scary

We're tackling the fear of singing head on. Plus handy tips and tricks to make singing a little less scary.

It’s something that scares ALL of us to some degree. And it’s the #1 thing my students say: 

"I fear I will sound BAD"

Here’s the thing: most people don’t like the sound of their own voices. It’s sad, but true. (We need to keep unpacking this one because it’s BIG, but more on that in a future post…) So, in a way, we’ve become our own worst critics. Therefore, we’re not really the best judges of ‘bad’ – am I right?

The fear of ‘bad’ (whatever that means) holds us back from taking the leap and putting our voices out there. So I’m giving you permission to take the lid off. Sing ‘bad’ and release the pressure that every note you sing has to be a certain way. Come out from the shadows please…

How to make singing less spooky:

The quickest way to overcome the singing scaries is to…you guessed it….SING! SING! and SING some more!If you take the leap and start to SING OUT, I promise it will only get better!

Try this:

1: Practice with a Karaoke Track

Turn it up and SING OUT! Focus on having fun and letting go!

2: Practice with a friend or find a choir

This is a great way to feel less alone in your singing journey. You’ll practice singing out while enjoying the company of others. Win-win!

3: Sing songs that make you FEEL something

Immerse yourself in the emotions and story within the song and you’ll forget about the scary-ness of singing out. 

So there you have it. This👇 is no longer an option! OK?

We can take small steps to make singing less scary

Next, Do This:

Be proud of yourself for taking the leap, singing out and not letting fear keep you small.


I’d love to hear about your singing scaries and what you do overcome them. Hit CONNECT and let me know. And if you want my latest singing tips and tricks, sign up for my newsletter below. 


In the meantime, have fun and happy singing! 


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